Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I was somewhat disheartened with the first few shows at NY fashion week SS 10/11. so much recession dressing, over the top simple, lacking inspiration and minimalism on steroids. oh and way to much lady like dressing. notwithstanding my love of minimalism of course (!!).. but my heart was fleeting to another world and was eagerly awaiting for some fashion fuel to feed my endless appetite for a little bit deranged... alot of mad.. and some complication to feed my soul. i dont do perfect. it doesnt seem real. these all too perfect collections, beige, white and completely tonal, one after the other.... were slowly killing me. It was Day 4 and I was still waiting. and then......... RODARTE. 
a clear detour from the obvious Phoebe Philo trend which became inspiration for so many. 
RODARTE was imaginative and directional. providing me with endless elation and creativity kick. AMEN.