Saturday, June 5, 2010

the printed pant

Ok. Dries Van Noten is the pioneer of the printed pant. Proenza has a new found love of it. A summer crush. perhaps. maybe? definitely..... Me need a printed pant right about now. Lisa Ho, Bassike, Zimmerman and Camilla and Marc.. beautiful. 

Updated Leather

Tailored yet slouchy. Leather Pants are just so amazing right now. All grown up. Introduced to Fashion. Inspired by the Classic Dries Pant. This silhouette is just to die for. My vintage find as seen at is in the perfect khaki colour. I never want to take them off. Flannel, Ellery and Alexander Wang are making me smile with their takes on this current trend. 

Summer gelato's

LILAC. My obsession. I need to have. Nostalgic of fun times. Of playful dates. Of youthful moments. Drinking lemonade. Eating Iced donuts. Listening to records. To tapes. Fairy bread. High Tea. Done. Dion Lee and Arnsdorf have fed my soul on this one. Complete. 


Relaxed. Masculine. Classic Shirting. Boyfriend Style. Dress. Trench. Sheer. Cut-Out. This look works. Whenever. Wherever. Amen.

Therese Rawsthorne, Manning Cartel, Karla Spectic, Gary Bigeni, Flannel, Bassike

Shrimp Pink

A big crush of mine at the moment. Blush Pink. Touch of peach. Plenty of flatter. My heart flutters. Cut out cardigan by Karla Spetic my pick for summer. Big Love.